How Can You Support Us?

The easiest way to support us to follow and share our posts/stories from our socials .

You can also support us via the below:

Rainbow Lottery

We are proud to be part of the UK’s first and only lottery supporting LGBTQ+ good causes. Enter into the weekly draw, where tickets cost £1, and you can win up to £25,000.

Go to their website > Click Play The Lottery > Search for ‘Abergavenny Pride’ > Select > and Sign up


easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping site

  1. Go to their website and create an account.
  2. Shop online with over 7,000 brands, just make sure to start your shopping journey first at easyfundraising.
  3. Every time you shop online, those brands pay us. Then we send money to a cause of your choice. You spend, brands donate.

Track all the donations and watch the magic happen!


GoFundMe is an easy trusted system that allows anyone to donate any amount at any time and sends the money direct to the causes.

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